Baytown Disco

Challenge: Create an unusual marketing strategy to promote their new film starring Billy Bob Thornton and Eva Longoria.

Execution: An experienced CHOICE SportsCards sales representative consulted with Lleju Productions, the film Production Company, to better understand their goals and then guided them to develop a trading card solution to fit their needs.

Lleju ultimately chose to create a 25-card set, wrapped in a full color printed foil wrapper…

1- Storyline Card: A short synopsis about the film.
24-Character Cards: Featuring a full color still shot of the character from the film on the front and a short descriptive character bio on the back. Card character snapshots help the viewer relate to the film itself.


  • Intriguing format and attractive foil wrapper gets attention of film financers, distributors, and audience.
  • Convenient size to take home after film festivals and other events.
  • Get noticed: Unlike traditional posters and brochures, the unusual and unheard of get noticed.
  • FREE advertising! Get mentioned in the press and online blogs.
  • Directs your prospects to your website and social media pages.