Sony Music Package

Sony Music Entertainment, RCA Records Nashville Promotes Inked Record Deal with the Dynamic Country Band, Bush Hawg 

Challenge: Find a way to promote their newly inked band to the press, fans, and over 2000 country music stations that were as unique as the band’s style and attitude!

Execution: The highly experienced team at CHOICE SportsCards collaborated with Sony Music Entertainment, RCA Records Nashville to create a custom branded series of trading cards featuring the names and faces that lead this breakout band. The professional quality seven-card set includes a collectible card of each band member and a dynamic group photo card featuring key details of what makes the band unique. Each musician’s card features a captivating action photo on the front and short descriptive bios with little know fun-facts on the card back. The set takes fans, press, and disc jockeys on a short ride through what makes this high-energy band exceptional.


  • Made an impression on Disc Jockeys which resulted in increased exposure & plays on the radio.
  • Free Promotions: Disc Jockeys spoke of receiving the unique pack of cards + gum to their listeners on the radio.
  • The stick of gum in each pack brought about nostalgia. The smell and taste created an experience the fans, press, and DJ’s will remember for a lifetime.
  • Disc Jockeys were not overloaded with fact sheets, graphs, and lists they didn’t need.