Red Critter Package

Challenge: Create a unique incentive for prospective clients to visit their tradeshow space that directly tied in with the actual RedCritter software product.

Insight: The RedCritter software platform takes any business goal and uses game mechanics to motivate a team to accomplish it. Employees earn badges, certifications and skill points they can then redeem for rewards! It was no surprise when they reached out to CHOICE SportsCards to help promote their platform at an upcoming tradeshow.

Execution: An experienced sales representative at CHOICE SportsCards collaborated with the creative minds at RedCritter to develop a trading card prize game that is very similar to their actual software platform game! Much like the software, the trading card game features a variety of skill badges such as “Shark,” “Iron Man,” “Night Owl,” “Gi’ter Done,” or “Idea Guy”! The complete set of 25-cards is collated and wrapped with five random cards per pack. Each pack includes a common header card on top that shows through the clear wrapper. Trade show attendees were encouraged to collect full sets to win prizes.

Insiders Tip! In addition to distributing card packs at the tradeshow booth, many companies choose to distribute packs to prospective clients prior to the tradeshow. Cards include details about their product or service and a prize game to direct traffic to their booth.

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  • Created an incentive for prospective clients to visit the RedCritter tradeshow space
  • Prize game directly tied in with the actual RedCritter software product