New Balance Package

New Balance Shoes and Apparel Activates Partnership with Team New Balance

Insight: New Balance created Team New Balance to work with elite athletes in the development of better products and to communicate their commitment to running and sport.

Challenge: Create a unique promotion to activate their partnership with the Team New Balance Athletes, advance the New Balance shoe brand, and feature elite athletes such as Maggie Vessey and World Champion Jenny Simpson.

CHOICE SportsCards consulted with New Balance to better understand their goals, then guided them to develop a trading card solution to fit their needs.

New Balance ultimately chose to create a 34-card set, wrapped in a full color printed foil wrapper. Each pack contains nine cards (seven random cards plus a special card for elite athlete Maggie Vessey and a double etched, gold foil stamped card featuring the gold medal of World Champion 1500M runner, Jenny Simpson).

To enhance the memorable experience and create a sense of nostalgia, each pack includes a stick of authentic trading card bubble gum.
The branded trading card pack is distributed at world class running events across the United States, and the UK. Fans are encouraged to return to events to collect them all!