LOWES_RACING_REV_100Lowes Home Improvement Stores Activate Partnership with TEAM 48 Racing Crew and 6-Time NASCAR Champion Jimmy Johnson

Challenge: While most sports teams want to focus their promotions on their marquee athlete, Lowes sought to create a collectible card set that would promote the hard working team behind the scenes!

Insight: CHOICE SportsCards was honored to be selected by Premier Sports Management to manufacture this elite card set. Premiere is a prestigious sports management firm that helps their clients build their brand, gain market share, and increase customer loyalty.

Execution: After collaborating with the creative minds at Lowes and researching the hottest trends in trading cards, Premiere came to CHOICE with a challenging wish list that would rival the best in the market, and CHOICE delivered.

The “Kobalt Crew Cards” encourage fans to collect all 26-Base Cards plus 10-Limited Edition Commemorative Cards! Each pack includes 10-random cards, plus one commemorative card. In addition to the card packs, each crew member received a box of their own card to distribute.

Unique features:

  • “Foil Fusion” commemorative cards combine ink over foil to create a stunning card
  • Pack Wrapper features a combination of gloss and matte UV coatings giving the effect of the gloss coated #48 race vehicle popping out from the matte black background
  • Each race crew member’s card features their name and the Team Lowes Racing logo in a shiny metallic silver foil stamp
  • Each card back includes the crew member’s Twitter handle and a scanned copy of their actual autograph
  • The custom designed card display box holds 64 packs of cards and features a die-cut pop-up of the #48 vehicle