JDH Group PackageChallenge: JDHgroup needed to find a clever way to create a unique experience for their clients, prospective clients, and vendors to get to know the JDHgroup better!

Execution: An experienced CHOICE SportsCards sales representative consulted with the company to better understand their goals, then guided them to develop a trading card solution to fit their needs. JDHgroup ultimately chose to create a 23-card set, collated and wrapped with five random cards per pack. The five cards were inserted into an attractive silver foil wrap with a sticker label adhered to the front of the pack. The eye-catching sticker label was printed 4-CP (full color) with gloss coating and rounded corners.

While most trading cards feature player stats, JDHgroup cards divulge superpowers and even the fatal weaknesses of the JDH superheroes!

JDHgroup chose to include FUN statistics to allow their clients and vendors to get to know them better and create extraordinary business relationships!

  • Superpower
  • Fatal Weakness
  • Hobbies
  • Awards and Accomplishments
  • Responsibilities at JDHgroup
  • Favorite Part of the Job
  • Dream Position at JDHgroup
  • Childhood Dream Job

A lucky few were able to collect all 23 cards. We are certain their face value will only increase with age, and that a complete set is destined to become a rare collector’s item.