Images of Chevron Cards


Chevron: I’m Committed to ALWAYS- Toolbox Discussion Starter Cards

Challenge: Chevron Corporation is an industry leader in employee safety, but is always challenged with how to make a dull subject entertaining and not overwhelming.


  1. Chevron recently updated their employee safety website “operation excellence” but needed to find a way to encourage employees to visit the new website.
  2. Provide managers and employees with safety discussion starters in a convenient format they could use out in the field.

Execution: An experienced CHOICE SportsCards sales representative consulted with the company to better understand their goals, then guided them to develop a trading card solution to fit their needs. Chevron ultimately chose to create a foil pack including eight discussion starter cards plus a special “prize” card with a unique serial number.  The nine cards were inserted into an attractive silver foil wrapper with full color printing.

Each of the 40,000+ employees received a foil wrapped pack.  The prize card directed employees to visit a special company web portal page, enter the unique serial code printed on their card and see if they’re a winner!

The program exceeded their expectations and goals.

  • Intriguing format and attractive foil wrapper sparked immediate interest.
  • In just the first day, over 4,000 employees visited the new web portal site and entered-to-win!
  • Provides a convenient tool which managers can use in the field and can refer back to again and again.
  • Discussion starters are presented with clarity and just the right amount of information to keep the employees interested and following the material.