Cereal Killers Package

Insight: The very talented Joe Simko is the founder of Wax Eye LLC, the company behind the now very popular Cereal Killers brand of trading cards. Joe is a seasoned cartoon artist and currently one of the artists for the Wacky Packages and Garbage Pail Kids cards from Topps™.

Joe loved the idea of mixing his favorite cereals and cult/horror films from his youth into fun visual pieces of artwork, so he began creating 9”x12” canvases of popular cereal and horror film brand spoofs.

Challenge: Wax Eye LLC wanted to transform their 9” x 12” canvas artwork of Joe Simko into it’s own collectible trading card series, but they had never made trading cards and did not know where to start.

Execution: An experienced sales representative at CHOICE SportsCards collaborated with Joe Simko and the creative minds at Wax Eye LLC to develop an amazing new card series for non-sports card collectors. The Cereal Killers series was an instant hit!

The 55-card base set is randomly collated and wrapped into full color, custom printed foil wrappers. To match Joe’s creative flair the wrappers even feature florescent spot colors! To hold the packs, CHOICE created a custom point of purchase (POP) retail display box. Each box holds 24 packs and prominently displays the Cereal Killers logo in a custom die cut header. The boxes are printed in four color process and include two fluorescent spot colors to match the wrappers and stand out from competitors’ displays on the same shelf.

Cereal Killers 1st Series includes:

  • Black-Light Stickers
  • Temp Tattoos
  • Fridge Magnets
  • Gold Foil Cards
  • Sketch Cards (Original hand drawn designs by artist Joe Simko)
  • Uncut Card Sheets

Subsequent Wax Eye Series include:

  • Foil Fusion Cards (ink printed over foil)
  • Sugar Sprinkled Cards (glitter!)
  • X-Ray Cards (clear cards!)
  • Sticker Cards
  • Eye Ball Gum (of-course!)

A look ahead: Wax Eye also selected CHOICE SportsCards to manufacture their newest releases including Cereal Killers Series 2 (sticker cards), Cereal Killers 1st Series – Cereal Box 3-Pack (packaged in miniature cereal boxes!), and a brand new series of Super Hero Parodies called “Stupid Heroes,” featuring an industry first, hand drawn X-Ray Sketch Card!