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At CHOICE Sportscards, trading cards are more than player statistics. They serve as a valuable marketing tool for your business or corporation, and can even be leveraged to educate, inform, or promote your product or service to your customers and employees alike. Below are some of the ways our cards can work for your business.

An Educational Tool

Trading cards are perfect for gleaning and absorbing information. The information isn’t overwhelming and the format in which it’s presented is classic, clean and many times, especially for adults, sentimental. Kids love amassing trading cards because they’re visual and they have worth, while adults love them because they’re manageable and can be easily stored. Who said learning and collecting can’t coexist?

North Carolina Goodness Grows

Promote an Event

Do you want to draw customers and connoisseurs to your event? No problem! Leverage the vintage appeal of trading cards and promote your event with unique card sets. You can provide event details and highlight your “corporate lineup” within the same set. Whether it’s a festival, concert or anything in between, trading card sets are the perfect tool to both promote and inform those interested in your brand(s).

Kentucky Bourbon Festival

Trade Shows

Fact sheets, displays, bulleted lists and brochures are informational but lack the recognizable and eye-catching impression that only trading cards can provide. Rather than overload your prospective clients with data, trading cards allow you to present your message with clarity, relevance, and just the right amount of info to keep your audience interested and poised to take action. You can even distribute a pack of cards to your clients prior to a trade show with details about your product or service and a prize game to direct traffic to your booth.

Red Critter

Employee Training Tool

Just like the “flash cards” of our youth, trading cards can be advantaged as a training tool to help new employees become acclimated to their post. Get creative with your new appointees and help them better integrate with this innovative way to learn and grow.

Chevron Safety Cards

An Outside Sales Tool

Thankfully, trading cards have ventured into the sales world and rightly so. Providing pertinent information in an easily manageable form (trading cards) that’s both visual and informative is a salesperson’s dream! Trading cards can replace the graphs, charts and Power Point slides that are customary to sales meetings and can be just as memorable. Leave a pack of cards with your clients to refer back to again and again.

Kyocera Hydro

Promotions & Marketing

The traditional promotional favorites like magnets and pens serve a purpose but are outdated and bland. Utilizing trading cards for your company or product, on the other hand, is the marketing tool of the present and future. Allow your company to stand out with a unique promotional experience that will outlast a pen or a magnet, and only become more valuable with time.


Enhancing Site Traffic

For any company, product, or service, maintaining a reputable web presence in the 21st century is paramount. So why not drive more visitors to your site? This can be done by distributing trading cards with QR codes, special in-set bar codes that allow mobile users to visit your site simply by scanning it to their phones. Provide just enough info on the card to spike interest and then route your customers to your website for more!


Crowdfunding Reward

Launching a new product or start-up isn’t easy, but through crowdfunding you can actually offer your supporters a tangible return on investment. By supplying donors with custom trading cards, tailored to your new project, you can actually reward those who invest in you. You can even autograph the cards to enhance their value long term.

Employee Interaction

Trading cards are the ideal tool to invoke in-house interaction for your company or organization. Especially valuable for bigger groups with several divisions or departments, cards can be utilized at meetings or conferences to bridge the employee gap. The cards, with employee-specific facts, hobbies and specialties are circulated amongst the group to build teamwork. Games can even be fashioned to fast-track interaction and encourage trading.

MKT Promo- Ventura Foods

Added Value

With In-Pack added value features, our cards can perfectly complement a product, whether it’s a beverage, food item or other manufactured product. Adding the value of a collectable trading card as part of the purchase of a product enhances its value and entices consumers to make purchases, ultimatley driving sales.

Dasani Sports Illustrated

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