What products do you offer?

We design, print and package custom trading cards. Please visit our products page to see a full list of our trading card products and solutions.

What paper stock do you print on?

Most CHOICE cards are printed on top quality, authentic 14pt. C2S trading card stock. [Did you know? C2S card stock results in sharper images and finer details.] CHOICE cards are the same quality you will find in large retailers such as Target, Walmart and Toys R’ Us. In fact, many of the cards we produce are sold in large retailers and leading hobby shops. Request a sample to see and feel the quality yourself! Request Samples

Do you have a special project that requires a unique or thicker card stock? We can help! CHOICE has experience printing on white card stock up to 48pt. and specialty stocks such as Clay Coated Kraft Back (CCKB), which features a white clay coating on the front-side and a brown Kraft on the back-side. This is typical of retro cards.

For individual card orders does the card have to be the exact same card for the entire quantity, or can I use different images and text?

Each unique card (version) is intended to be that quantity (500, 1000, 2000 etc.) of the same exact card.

How much text and statistical information can I fit on my cards?

In general, we suggest limiting the text to approximately 200 words.

For sports cards, please limit the text on the notes section to 50 words and the statistics to four career lines and two totals lines. More text and stats can be fit onto the card, but the font will start to get too small and affect the overall look of the card.

Remember, these are just guidelines, not strict requirements, as long as you take into consideration that a trading card is only 2.5″ by 3.5″, and that only so much can fit comfortably, there should be no problems.

Can I design my own trading card and submit the files?

Please click here for the specifications required to design and submit your own card.

How should I supply the bio and statistical information?

In general, you may provide text in any electronic document, such as Microsoft Word.

For sports cards, CHOICE is pleased to provide you with our exclusive bio and statistical templates for supplying card information. Our templates streamline the ordering process as well as avoid typesetting errors. Thus, reducing the turn-around time and saving you valuable time when proofing your cards. Please click here for your free copy.

Can I choose the colors of my card?

Absolutely. Although, if you do not, our design team will select the colors based off of your logo or organizations’ primary colors.

How should I supply the photographs? What type of photos work best?

To see our photo requirement and recommendation section, click here.

Can I send a digital image of my photo via email?

For complete photo guidelines, please click here.

If you have large files to send, please use our drop box (FTP Replacement).

Can I send professionally taken photographs?

Most professional photographers protect their pictures with copyrights. You must obtain written permission in advance. CHOICE Marketing Inc. is not responsible for researching the copyrights of any photographs you send and will not be held legally responsible for any copyright infringement. Any photograph that has any markings showing copyright protection will not be reproduced unless a signed letter of release is included with the order.

Can you "crop" photographs?

Yes, our professional design team will crop your photograph so it will best fit in your trading card. If you would like, you can mark off the section you want cropped by using removable tape or post-it notes and we will include only the section you request on your cards.

Can you touch up photographs?

Our design team will provide limited photo touch up services at no extra charge. We will do our best to color correct or remove minor marks that might be on the photo. Additional requested changes will be charged at the current hourly rate of $85/hr, 1 hour minimum.

How should I identify the photographs?

When saving pictures, please save the picture as the person’s last name, an underscore symbol, and then first name (Brown_John.jpg). If the photo is not of a person, please save the file according to the subject/version so we can easily match it with corresponding text, logos or card back files.