Photo Tips

Follow some of these basic tips for optimum photos:

  • Take photos in a consistent format. Either all vertical or all horizontal.
  • When submitting large numbers of digital photos, please zip files then upload to our dropbox. Or burn to a CD.
  • Be sure to include the photographers name to receive a photo credit.
  • Try to photograph headshots against a solid color, non-textured wall or background if possible.
  • Please stage action shots when possible to get “the right shot” (avoid the “sideline zoom”)
  • Keep lighting in mind when taking photos. Watch the sun and shadow areas especially under helmets, hats, etc..
  • Focus is extremely important when taking your photo. Maintain a steady hand and proper focal point. If the photos are “fuzzy” the card will also be “fuzzy.”

The Basics

A few basic rules to follow:

  • .tiff, .jpg, & .eps digital photos are preferred.
  • Photoshop or Illustrator vector files are preferred for logos.
  • Please title each image file with last name followed by first name or by subject.
  • Images must be a minimum of 300 dpi or 750×1050 pixels. Larger is OK.
  • Please do not crop photos. We will crop photos as necessary.
  • If you prefer to design your own cards, please follow our Custom Trading Cards Specs Sheet.
    • Download Spec Sheet below.

Custom Trading Cards Specs

Follow our guidelines when designing your very own trading cards. If you have further questions contact us today!