Anchorman Package

Challenge: The movie Anchorman is set in the mid-1970’s. CHOICE SportsCards was challenged to manufacture authentic retro trading cards with the look and feel of the classic trading cards of the 1970’s.

Insight: CHOICE SportsCards was honored to be selected by Multi Package Solutions to manufacture this unique card set. MPS is a leading manufacturer of print-based specialty packaging.

Execution: The CHOICE creative team worked with MPS to explore structural, material, and decorative technology options to achieve the desired look. A few ideal solutions emerged…

Wrapper: The CHOICE SportsCards Retro Wrapper stood out as the ideal choice. Unlike the modern “foil” wrapper, the Retro Wrapper is a smooth white substrate with a matte finish more reminiscent of the classic “wax pack” wrappers of the 70’s.

Card Stock: To keep to the authentic look and feel, CHOICE looked to its expertise in trading card stock and recommended Clay Coated News Back, (CCNB) a 100 % recycled coated paperboard featuring a white clay front and grayish back.

The CHOICE project management team brought everything together, coordinating production, quality control, and logistics for a true turn-key solution

  • Final fulfillment incorporated kitting of the DVD box to include the trading card pack and a customer supplied booklet.
  • Kitted boxes were carton packed, palletized and shipped in truckload quantities to the distribution facility.