In every town in America, there’s a band that is trying to make it big. With so much competition in the music industry, musicians need to come up with clever and fun ways to promote buzz about their band. Put down the guitar for a second and read our top tips on creative ways to get your band noticed.


Make It Personal


Fans love to relate to more than just the music. They enjoy relating to their favorite musicians on a personal level. Use social media to your advantage by getting personal with your followers. Post about events on your social media regularly. Talk about music that you dig, concerts you went to, a cool venue you’re playing or a road trip you just went on. Don’t have your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter platforms look like just an ad. Give your channels a personality.


Play Local


Start building an audience in real life by building it close to home. Play bars, street festivals, parties, venues, and start cultivating an audience in real life. If you get featured in local publications, share those on your social platforms.


Unique Merch


Every band has a t-shirt or CD for sale. Why not take your merch game to the next level by offering custom baseball cards of your band members? Show off your skilled members, include fun facts, and let your fans know about an upcoming show. Your band’s trading cards is a blank canvas for personalization, so rock out!


Design Contests


Challenge local artists to create a poster or album design for your band and print the winner.



Podcasts / Radio Stations


Reach out to podcasts with your music to get featured on their station. This is a great way to gain new listeners. Use your trading cards by handing them out to promoters and radio stations so they can get the scoop on your music and band members.

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