In these frazzled days of social media and constant interaction, it’s nice to remember when times were slower and a whole lot simpler. Take a trip back in time with CHOICE SportsCards’ authentic trading card gum. This small treat can make a huge impact on your fans or clients.

There was nothing like the simple pleasure of opening up a fresh pack of trading cards and inhaling the sweet scent of a stick of trading card gum that was included in the set. Do you remember sticking the brittle piece of gum in between your teeth and having it crumble into soft, chewy pieces? It was heavenly. Bring back this nostalgic experience of your youth with our authentic trading card gum packs.

Each set of our professional grade custom trading cards will include a clear cello wrapped stick of gum that meets FDA regulations. The sweet smell and taste will bring back memories and create new ones guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Call our trading card maker experts today at 1-800-999-CHOICE or email to learn more about our promotional trading card gum.

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