Trading cards can be used for far more than just sports player statistics or trading games. They can serve as an esteemed marketing tool to promote your business, educate your clients, glean recognition at trade shows, and even put your products or services center stage. Below are some unique ways you can utilize trading cards to help your business blossom.

Promote Your Business in a One-of-a-Kind Way

Leverage the old-school appeal of trading cards to promote your biz! You can provide product or service details, showcase your employees’ specialties, or highlight a special upcoming event within the same set.

An Educational Tool

In today’s world of instant information, custom trading cards are the ideal tool to gain and absorb vital information. The content isn’t overwhelming and is presented in a clean, classic way. Sentimental for adults and fun for kids, trading cards are the ultimate way for you to hand out statistics, company information, or raise awareness for an upcoming event.

Trade Show Giveaways

Skip the boring pen or tote bag and make a great impression by handing out memorable trading cards instead. The cards enable you to present your message with clarity and relevance, as well as just the right amount of information to keep your audience intrigued and poised to take action.

You can also use it as a one-of-a-kind contest prize prior to your show to draw people to your booth. We can add a unique serial number to each card or randomly insert a “golden ticket” card in a select amount of packs.

Employee Training

Just like the flash cards of your youth, trading cards can work as a great training tool to help new employees learn valuable information about their new position.

Outside Sales Tool

Simply slap on graphs and charts and your trading cards can easily take the place of a boring PowerPoint presentation. Best of all, your clients can take the cards home and easily refer back to them again and again.

However you decide to use them, CHOICE Sports Cards has the right deck for you. Call our trading card designer team today at 1-800-999-CHOICE or email to learn more!

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