Professional sports are about far more than simple entertainment. They serve as a connection that fans have with their community, and to their region. It’s a loyalty that spans generations.


This is why professional sports teams worldwide are using their brand and resources to better their communities. They build important programs with social impact missions to address a plethora of issues affecting local neighborhoods, including teaching healthy lifestyles, recognizing local heroes, empowering young women, and, bringing the fun of sports to underprivileged neighborhoods.


CHOICE SportsCards is proud to partner with professional sports teams in their quest to better their communities. Just like traditional trading cards, our Healthy Kids Trading Card Series feature full color action photos of fan’s favorite players on the card front and exciting highlights about the player on the card back.   But what makes these cards so important are the healthy lifestyle tips for the kids from each player that are featured on the card backs.


Most sports teams and organizations team up with a local health care partner to help foot the bill and together with CHOICE SportsCards will create authentic trading cards of the health care staff (doctors, nurses, trainers etc.) and package the staff cards together with the players!


There are endless benefits to the Healthy Kids Series, including:


  • Encouraging healthy eating habits for families in local communities
  • Promoting the credentials of local doctors in an entertaining way
  • Building the goodwill of your brand
  • Addressing the growing problem of youth obesity


Another way CHOICE SportsCards has impacted the community in a positive fashion is by offering our Hero Card Set. When you participate in this series, each of your fans will receive a professional quality pack of hero themed cards featuring local heroes in the community, including firefighters, police officers, emergency responders, military personnel, women leaders, teachers and doctors.


If you would like to get in on the action, contact CHOICE SportsCards today by calling 1-800-999-CHOICE or emailing

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