Business/Entertainment5 Ways to Stand Out at Your Next Trade Show

Trade shows are an awesome way to promote your business and meet prospective clients. But with a convention center crawling with flashy, gimmicky competitors, it’s easy for your company to be overlooked.


It is simple to still “go big” while on a budget. To ensure you’re getting maximum ROI for the time and money you spent on your booth, it’s critical to think strategically about how your biz is going to make an impact.


Here are five pro tips to stand out at your next trade show.


Plan Ahead


Guarantee that you advertise your booth in the weeks leading up to the event, whether it is through social media promos or word of mouth. Nobody is going to visit your booth if they don’t know you’re there!


Give Away Something Unusual


Free corporate pens or tote bags aren’t creative and can actually aggravate passersby instead of enticing them. Get ahead of the pack by using unique trading cards to make a big impression.


Displays and company fact sheets are instructional but can lack the eye-catching impression that you need. Trading cards can present your brand’s message clearly, concisely, and with just the right amount of info to keep your audience interested and poised to take action.


Distribute cards about your products and services, employees’ expertise, or just as a prize game to direct traffic to your booth!


See What You’re Up Against


It’s critical to do your homework. Check out your competition and what they’re bringing to the trade show. Are they offering candy? Contests? If you know what you’re up against, you can know what to do to be sure to outperform them.


Invest in an Awesome Display


You don’t want a sad looking table at a trade show. Become the life of the party with an eye-catching display that is bound to attract attendees. If you have something printed that looks amazing, you can also use it for future shows.


Train Your Employees Well


Well before the trade show starts, make sure that your employees know how to properly work the booth, interact with attendees, and look sharp. They shouldn’t be participating in idle chitchat, sitting, or eating in the booth during normal trade show hours.


Whether you’re slinging out trading cards or eyeing up your competition, you can have an amazing trade show if you follow these simple tips.


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