Keep going back and forth on whether or not you should start pursuing your own trading card game? Wondering, are they still popular? Will the industry still grow? Will the digital world take over? Well stop wondering, because the Trading Card Game industry is not going anywhere. It is only getting stronger, and expanding worldwide! Crazy, I know!

There are so many positive aspects of these TCGs (Trading Card Games)/CCGs (Collectible Card Games) that even you have not fully realized.There is a reason why so many people purchase these kinds of games. Constant upgrades, cool looking trading cards, new rare cards, twists and turns of the game, etc. Face-to-face interaction with fellow gamers at special gaming events is a great opportunity for you; that in itself is very cool. Trading Card Game events! Awesome! Side note, you cannot get the full experience sitting in front of a computer screen.

Yes, now a day’s people are coming up with different ways to incorporate digital interaction with their card games. Which creates different opportunities for you when you create your very own TCG. With our decades of experience we would suggest you first focus on getting your trading card game idea started, and layout a strategy. Then once you get yourself a strong base, then go ahead and add on the digital aspect later on.

Each day more and more TCGs/CCGs are being created. Which is not a bad thing, just shows that there are endless ideas, and your idea is one of them. You have billions of people just waiting for a different and new TCG to come out! The uniqueness of the different TCGs is what creates the strength in the Trading Card Game industry.

The Trading Card Gaming industry is so strong because, the base idea is solid, but as the developer of the TCG you can create expansion packs, bonus cards, or “rare” cards, and even create twists in the game! Always making the game bigger and better, as time goes on. That is pretty cool if you ask me!

So go and get your game on! Start creating your very own Trading Card Game! Contact us if you have any questions about designing, printing or packaging your trading card game; we are always more than happy to help!

Keep an eye out for our next blog on Tips for creating a successful Trading Card Game!