Let’s talk wall calendars, shall we. You think, they are simple, not much you can really do with them, and basic. Well, not in this day an age! With Wall Calendars your ideas and options are endless and are anything but simple and basic. Deliver your message 365 days a year! So we are going to break this blog down for you in four topics; Branding, Sponsors, Design, and Promotions.

Branding: Exposure will not be a problem. You have endless options on where you can place your logo, and even contact information. You have the entire “year” of constant branding exposure. For your company that is great, you will be a consistent reminder and in your clients (or potential clients) mind all year around. For a sports team, your fans love you so why would they not want show it off, specially at their jobs! (Make their boring cubical, fun and colorful with their favorite team, product, car, etc.!)

Sponsors: While wall calendars are very affordable and only require a low minimum order, having a sponsor can help cut your cost down even more! Not only does it help you get the product you want, but also helps the sponsor get exposure out to a new crowd! With different style designs of you calendar, your sponsors will too have endless options. Which is a huge bonus for them! They don’t always like to be so restricted on space, this way you are able to provide them with more, and in return get some funds from them! Interesting thought!

Design: This is a fun topic; this is where you get to be really creative!lake_monstercalendar_cover_final

If you have the right design team, or go to a company that has an incredible design team (ahhmm Choice Marketing SportsCards) the final product will be like no other. It will stand out, and just be all about YOU!

You will have a variety of styles to choose from, and great out of the box ideas! Wall Calendars today are used for so much more than just keeping track to see if it is Friday yet! People like to brighten up their work area, and show off their favorite team, movie, or just have a unique and colorful looking calendar! So why not provide them with one?

Promotions: Another great way to share your upcoming events, or specials with your fans or clients! Whichever kind of calendar style you choose, there is an option where you have a perforated area where you can have coupons, business cards, and even collectible trading cards, to help promote the names and faces that lead your team or company. Always a fun, and easily accessible!

So you were saying wall calendars were boring, right? Do you still think that now? We did not think so! Remember the options and benefits are endless! Do not wait! Make your calendar idea, into a reality and share with us!

Customize your calendars with some of these ideas!

  • Logo/Slogans
  • Important Dates
  • Trivia
  • Team Schedule
  • Contact Information
  • Short Articles
  • Sponsor Logo/Message
  • Social Media Links
  • Coupons

Don’t stop there if you have ideas of your own, wonderful!