Due to technology today it makes it easier for you to stay connected with the fans more than ever before. However, it does not give them the face-to-face interaction with their favorite team. Those opportunities are what truly leave a mark in someone’s life. As fellow fans, when the opportunity strikes and we’re able to meet our favorite sports player(s), it’s awesome! For children though, it’s indescribable! So why not create events like this? Did you know by doing this also creates more revenue for your team? Do we have your attention now!

Promote fan interaction and enhance the game-day experience all while converting fan engagement into increased revenue! Now that is an awesome idea! Create separate events where the fans come and meet the players! Get creative; make the events stand out so that your fans don’t want to miss out on them! Allow them to get items signed by the players, and obviously have merchandise available for them to purchase. Think outside the box and promote Signature Style Trading Cards, Posters, etc. Signature Style Trading Cards are one of the top selling items to have at events like these. We have examples of these style trading cards. Go check them out!

Show your fans a variety of options that they could get signed by their favorite players! Make sure the products you are promoting are high and long lasting quality. If you have repeating events like these each season, you want them to come back each time and not hesitate on spending the money on the merchandise and event!

We encourage all sports teams to take advantage of these opportunities. The benefits are endless, so why not? Don’t let technology be the only way your fans can stay connected to their favorite team! The true lasting connection is #face2face!