We are finally here! We would like to welcome you to our Choice SportsCards blog. We are thrilled to start sharing ideas, helpful tips, do’s and don’ts, and much more with you. There is much to talk about, and with that being said, we have split up our blog into three categories: Sports, Business/Entertainment, and Gaming/Hobby. With each category we will have specific topics that fall under them, so it is easier for you to pinpoint exactly where you would like to go.

Here are some ideas that we will talk about within each category:

Sports – Check out the newest sports trends and some tried and true favorites. Create unique ideas for enhancing the game-day experience. Connect to your fans in ways that create memorable moments, and increased revenue with fun and easy tools.

Business/Entertainment – Learn how trading cards can help promote your company or products in a unique and fun way. Such as promoting an event, driving traffic to your tradeshow booth, training new employees, educating consumers or enhancing site traffic.

Gaming/Hobby – Trading/Collectible card games are experiencing a massive resurgence right now. We can show you how to turn your games into a reality and help guide you on promoting your game.

… And much, much more!

We will be posting 1-2 blog posts each month on Wednesdays, within each category. Make sure you like us on Facebook so you can see when our new posts are up!

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